EP 28: Bump To Bundle Blueprint: My EXACT Strategy To Have The Birth Of Your Dreams!


Here’s how a birth blueprint will take your birth to the next level.

As a mom of 2, I know how excited you are to give birth. I also know it’s incredibly overwhelming trying to figure out how to prepare for it. Especially if you've never done it before. My friend, birth preparation is one of the most challenging aspects of giving birth! And if you’re relying solely on google, it can be even more difficult. 

Although google is great for quick tidbits, it won't fully support you for birth. The missing piece is often having a plan...a blueprint! And that’s where Bump To Bundle Blueprint comes in! It's a step-by-step guide to help you go from novice to pro. This strategy will support you from birth through postpartum.

I know – it almost sounds too good to be true! But believe me, the secret success of this strategy is backed by real data from my work as a doula and...

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EP 27: 5 Questions You Must Ask BEFORE Hiring A Doula


As a mom AND doula, I completely understand that the birth of your sweet baby is SUPER important to you. So, the thought of trusting someone to support you through that process is a BIG decision.

That’s why I want to share with you the top 5 questions you must ask when hiring a doula. Whether this is your first birth or not, asking these questions will relieve tons of stress and point you in the right direction for finding a doula that can meet your birthing needs.

I don’t believe there’s any special prize for birthing by yourself – it’s okay to ask for help. I promise you're more likely to have a positive birth experience with the right support! 

Today, you’ll hear about: 

  •  What is a doula
  •  Why is finding the right doula so important?
  • 5 Questions you must ask when finding a doula

...And as if that wasn't enough. I've included a full checklist of questions for you to...

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EP 26: 6 Ways To Support A New Mom In The First Week (WITHOUT VISITING)


Everyone asking, "What do you need for the baby?" Or "How can I help?" Here’s my 6 simple ways to guide your village towards successfully supporting you after birth.

The thought of giving birth is enough to overwhelm you. I know that because not only have I felt this way before, but I've supported clients who've expressed the same sentiment.

Sometimes the thought of asking for support in specific areas can feel a bit forward - even to the point where you question if you should say anything at all (or just carry the load) After all, you're a master at "getting things done".

But let me tell you my sweet friend, setting yourself up for postpartum success is the new flex.

You are growing and giving birth to a whole human. That's definitely worthy of the rest and recovery you need to successfully transition into motherhood.

Now here’s the good news. In this episode, I’m sharing my simple 6 ways to be...

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EP 25: 3 Simple Tips On How To Be Confident When Tackling Tough Issues As A New Mom


"...If I had a dollar for every piece of unsolicited advice I've received as a mom, I'd be in the financial company of Kylie and Rhianna." -Stephanie


I'll be honest - while most of it has been well-intended, a lot of it has been inaccurate and sometimes not true! (Just so we're clear: it's impossible to spoil a newborn)

The thing is, when you’re just starting out, you gotta learn how to be confident when tackling the tough issues — and the sooner you understand that the more time you'll have to spend on the important things, like creating special moments with the people who matter most and bonding with your baby.

That’s why I recorded this episode for you. In it, I share the simple yet specific tips for new moms to be confident even when the topics get sticky. 

How do I deal with that family member who insists on offering their opinion? I'm glad you asked my sweet friend.

Tune in to this...

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EP:24 Here’s What Affects How Your Cervix Dilates: Grab A Cup…I'm Spilling ALLLLL The Tea!


Here's what you need to know about your cervix and how it dilates.

Wait... before we jump in to today's topic let me start by explaining why it's important to listen to this episode in it's entirety.

Your cervix is quite literally the gateway to your baby's arrival!

Without the progressive dilation of your cervix, medical interventions will need to be made in order to have a successful delivery.

Needless to say, understanding what affects your cervix dilation is the KEY TO BIRTHING SUCCESS!!!

In this episode, I’m going to walk you through the 6 things that will comprehensively play a part in how you progress when dilating while you labor and during birth.

Whether you plan on having a home birth or if you plan to birth in a hospital or birth center  — this episode is for you! So grab a cool beverage and press play on this informative episode.

As always, thank you so much for tuning in to this episode.

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EP 23: 6 Things You MUST Remember About Your Birth!


How to curate the memory of a priceless lifetime moment (& how your sweet baby will thank you for it.)

I’m going to let you in on a little secret — documenting your pregnancy and birth is one of the smartest things you can do. maybe that's not really a secret. But now that I've got your attention, let's talk about

Why you should intentionally record/document aspects of your birth journey.

Let's face it. Giving birth is arguably one of the most important things you'll ever do. And for that reason alone, it's worth remembering.

This is truly something I wish someone would have stressed to me and thus the reason I'm stressing it to you.

I'm not one for regret. However, if given a second chance, documenting my pregnancy is definitely something I'd jump at the opportunity to intentionally and carefully do.

Here’s the good news. By listening to this episode, you can slam the door in the face of...

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EP 22: How Should I Care For My Baby's Umbilical Cord? Do's and Don'ts


The Do's and Don'ts of umbilical cord care.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret — less is more...especially when we're talking about how to care for your sweet baby's umbilical cord.

Shortly after you give birth, your baby's umbilical cord is snipped, leaving behind a small stump that will fall off within a few weeks.

Before you're ready to leave the hospital with your newborn, it's important to know how to care for the umbilical cord stump. Your doctor or nurse will likely briefly go over basic tips, but you may feel so overwhelmed with information that you find yourself unclear on how to deal with the belly button area once you get home.

And that’s why I wanted to record this episode for you. In it, I share The DO's and DON'TS for umbilical cord care. 

This is a quick listen so press play and enjoy!

As always, thank you so much for tuning in to this episode.

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“I love the...

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EP 21: Amniotic Fluid: Here's The 6 Things You Need To Know About The Water Around Your Baby


6 reasons why the water surrounding your baby is vitally important to their health.

Have you heard of amniotic fluid

During pregnancy, your baby develops inside a bag or sac called the amniotic sac. This sac contains a clear liquid called amniotic fluid. Your baby floats in it while resting in the womb. Amniotic fluid protects and nourishes your baby. 

Here’s why that’s important, mama. As with most things concerning your pregnancy, you heavily influence the amniotic ecosystem your baby lives in.

In this episode, you’ll hear where the fluid comes from and all of the functions it serves for your baby while in utero.

That's right!

Today I'm doing a deep dive on amniotic fluid, the silent hero. Cause let's face it - most of us have heard of it but don't have a clue what it actually does.

So, if you’re ready to hear the lowdown about your amniotic fluid, then grab something to take notes with and pay close...

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EP 20: Want The Birth of Your Dreams? Here Are 6 Ways to Create a Positive Birth Environment


Your willingness to prepare for your birth by starting now is crucial to finding birthing success — here’s why.

If you’re considering ways to have a positive birth experience you should start by understanding, there are somethings you simply can't control.

That's why it's important to focus on the things you CAN control.

Think of it like this, you can't control the length of your labor. However, you can control how you choose to labor. You can determine your birth preferences based on what best aligns with your personality.

So that’s why it’s so important to start preparing for your birth now. 

Now here’s the good news, sweet friend. preparing for your birth doesn't have to be some long, drawn-out affair! With time, effort, and the right strategies, your birth is sure to be a moment you won't forget (or regret).

In this episode, I’m diving into what it means to...

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EP 19: Stretch Marks Are Preventable: Truth or Lie?


Why you may need to think twice BEFORE copping that expensive cream or oil that promises to prevent your pregnancy stretch marks.

We've all seen the magazine ads or better yet, store displays that promises to enhance your pregnancy glow while preventing "unsightly" stretch marks.

Who wouldn't want the perfectly round, unblemished belly shown on the airbrushed angelic model who's smiling while holding a jar of the magical cream in a jar?

Unfortunately, there's a few factors that determine your likelihood of getting stretch marks. and spoiler alert...

They don't involve a special oil or cream.

If you want to know the tea on stretch marks, then keep reading my friend because today’s episode we'll talk all about what they are and how to know if they'll be hit or miss during your pregnancy.

Grab your favorite drink (non-alcoholic of course), pop those ear buds in and enjoy this episode!

As always, thank you so much for tuning in to this...

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